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Reviewed 2 weeks ago

“Totally incredible tour!”

My mother, daughter and I came to NYC for the first time. We booked Tom and Sterling Tours and it was the best thing we have done so far. To. Is so knowledgeable about the city and its rich history. Tom went above and beyond to make sure we saw everything we wanted! I couldn’t recommend anything else to do if you want to be introduced to this amazing city and all it has to offer.

Jeri Lynn D

from Australia

“A terrific tour with an amazing human being…just do it!”

Sept 23, 2017

From the moment of first making contact with Tom, until the end of the tour, Tom provided unbelievable personalised service and was unfailingly friendly and professional. We corresponded extensively for months via email prior to the tour, so we felt like old friends by the time we met up in New York! Tom was incredibly flexible in designing an itinerary that suited myself, husband and teen daughter. He very kindly sent us some great maps of Manhattan and the other boroughs prior to us leaving Australia – now that’s service!

He led us on a true journey of discovery – we saw and experienced things we never would have ourselves. Manhattan, Harlem, New Jersey, Queens and Brooklyn were all included on our travels. We stopped at a lovely bakery / deli in Brooklyn for lunch where I enjoyed one of the best sandwiches I have ever had! Nothing was too much trouble for Tom, no matter what the request: stop at Magnolia Bakery,(no problem), pick us up from the front of our hotel, (no probem), drop us off at Chelsea Pier, (no problem), explore Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, (no problem), and find fantastic photo opportunities, (again no problem).

Tom has a wealth of knowledge of his city, he provides unique experiences and amazing detail about architecture, culture, music, food, movies etc etc. Possessing a quick wit and engaging personality, Tom delivers on every front.

Thank you Tom for showing us a great time in New York – you provided an unforgettable experience that will stay with us always.

Your Aussie friends, Julie, Lewis and Siena.

second time

“Second time of this Tour, Amazing!”

Aug 6, 2017

We took this Tour two years ago and it became the highlight of our visit. This time we came with 12 years old granddaughter and her friend. Once again the Tour was amazing! Tom has customized it to our granddaughter’s special interest in dance, it was truly a pleasure to see how Tom was able to make this Tour enjoyable for me, a senior person taking it the second time, for pre-teen girls, and for my daughter-in-law, who visits NYC often on business, but has never seen places that Tom was able to show us. Tom has passion for what he is doing, loves and knows not not NYC but art and music and movies associated with NYC. I was surprised how he has all good answers for many questions that preteen girls were asking him. Definitely one of the best tours I have ever taken, reccomend it to any age group, families and friends! Thank You very much, Tom!

extensive and thorough review

“Perfect Day In New York”

Nov 7, 2016

Our experience with Sterling City Tours was spectacularly good. Having never been to New York City, we wanted to find an easy-to-work-with-customizable-tour-provider that would meet our needs and time parameters and show us the exceptional sights and sounds of the city. We were in NYC after a cruise and wanted to spend the day touring the city before flying home that night. Tour guide Tom was great to work with ahead of time to map out an itinerary and arrange pick up at the cruise terminal when we disembarked that morning. Tom met our family of six (2 parents, 4 kids) with his fabulous Mercedes luxury van (more on that later), and we began our big city adventure.

Tom created a full-day tour of both upper and lower Manhattan so that we could capture, as much as possible in a day’s time, the rhythm and flavor of the city. The tour fully met and exceeded our goal. We made a few stops along the way at iconic places like the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (You have to see it to believe it!), Central Park, and had lunch at the famous Chelsea Market. Throughout the day, Tom kept us engaged and entertained with explanations of what we were seeing. He also used several maps and photos of Manhattan to provide important context and background information.

A tour is only as good as the tour guide, and that is what made this tour so special. Tom is a true New York treasure. The grandson of Irish and Italian immigrants, his love for the city is contagious, and it’s as if the city’s blood flows through his veins. Tom is well read and can converse on any number of topics from art to music, literature, architecture, cuisine–you name it. He is a gifted communicator, and his enthusiastic descriptions of the culture and landmarks of the city kept all of us engaged for the entire day. This was most impressive given the fact that the tour included four children of varying ages. He was able to keep everyone interested in the subject matter without being too scholarly and without “dumbing down” the information. This was a fine line to walk, and he did it superbly. He made everyone feel comfortable, and he obviously has a lot of integrity. We would have felt comfortable leaving valuables in his custody while we were doing things in the city.

I would be remiss if I didn’t describe the luxurious comfort provided by the customized Mercedes van. It comfortably seats seven, and there is plenty of room to store luggage, etc. if necessary. The van is quite spacious with room to spread out and stand up if needed. It is surrounded by windows so every seat has a great view. We were very impressed with the large glass panels in the roof. Since Manhattan is covered by tall buildings, much of a city tour involves looking up. The design of the van made that very easy and contributed greatly to the comfort and value of the tour. In addition, while the van is large enough to provide extreme comfort (a literal oasis surrounded by city concrete), it is small enough to easily navigate the smaller streets of the city and work through the heavy traffic on the busier streets. Tom had snacks and bottled water available for us, which was so much appreciated.

Our customized, full-day tour of New York was the icing on the cake for our vacation and ranks as one of our all time best travel memories. As evening fell upon us, Tom dropped us off at the airport so we could fly back home. Our day had been absolutely wonderful. And, the value of a family of six being safely chauffeured in a phenomenal vehicle around a huge, unfamiliar city by a kind, entertaining, knowledgeable man who felt like one of the family was worth more than words can express. There is no question that this is some of the best travel money I have ever spent.

We would not hesitate to retain Tom’s services again if we found ourselves in New York City. I’d like to visit some of the other boroughs, or maybe go on a night tour, or perhaps a food/pizza/dessert tour. In a past life, Tom was a baker, so he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to food. We’ve even enjoyed using some of his helpful hints since we’ve returned home. If you go to New York, do yourself a favor and go on a tour with Tom.