This was the most popular and beloved song of New York, entitled: “The Sidewalks Of New York.” At the turn of the last century, this song was known by all. No digital, no vinyl, no cassette – only Sheet Music for the home and Popular Culture, this was the ‘’anthem” of the City.

THIS IS THE BIG PICTURE – the only tour that will take you to the far corners, North and South of Manhattan Island, and so much in between – residential Neighborhoods, Squares & Circles, Iconic Districts, Parks large and small, Iconic Buildings, Museums…in the words of Carole King…”an ever-changing tapestry.”

Our “little Island” (at only 14,000 acres, it is half the size of Disney World) North, South, East & West. If you want the big picture, an overview of “The Island At The Center Of The World” (title of historian Russell Shorto’s book) – then this is the tour for you!

A tour like no other of a city like no other!