This was the most popular and beloved song of New York, entitled: “The Sidewalks Of New York.” At the turn of the last century, this song was known by all. No digital, no vinyl, no cassette – only Sheet Music for the home and Popular Culture, this was the ‘’anthem” of the City.

Our “little Island” (at only 14,000 acres, it is half the size of Disney World) North, South, East & West. If you want the big picture, an overview of “The Island At The Center Of The World” (title of historian Russell Shorto’s book) – then this is the tour for you!

THIS IS THE BIG PICTURE – the only tour that will take you to the far corners, North and South of Manhattan Island, and so much in between – residential Neighborhoods, Squares & Circles, Iconic Districts, Parks large and small, Iconic Buildings, Museums…in the words of Carole King…"an ever-changing tapestry."

A tour like no other of a city like no other!