Many great cities around the world have iconic buildings, but only New York City has an iconic skyline! This tour will focus on the great architectural components, the remarkable buildings that form the most unique, famous, and instantly recognizable skyline in the world.

Travel in a custom Mercedes Sprinter van in a private tour with only you and your group. We will see the buildings up close, of course, but we will also learn of the great American architects (trained in Europe) of the 19th and early 20th century who designed them, as well as today’s living global “starchitects” who are reshaping this iconic skyline, for better and worse, as you read these words.

Befitting a tour of this world-class skyline, we will take you to a vantage point to view it whole – to step back, as it were – for a breathtaking view of the whole great panorama that makes up the skyline of New York City.