It's Our Town, but It's Your Tour!

Sterling City Tours was founded by licensed New York City tour guides, and offers tours in and around NYC.

Examples include:

  • sightseeing tours
  • historical tours
  • tasting tours
  • shopping tours
  • arts tours
  • and more!

A sample itinerary for a four-hour tour of Downtown New York City is as follows:

  • 9am
    • Pickup at a hotel in any of the five boroughs of the greatest city in the world: New York! Enjoy complimentary juice, water and snacks (in case you slept in and skipped breakfast at the hotel) as we escort you in our luxury van to our first destination
  • 9:30am
    • Arrive at a typical first destination on a downtown tour, Battery Park, for a view of the Statue of Liberty! We will learn about the history of this famous statue and begin to tell the story known so well–of immigrants continually making and re-making New York City into something new. 
  • 10am
    • Explore the hidden nooks and crannies of Lower Manhattan. Our one-of-a-kind van will navigate the labyrinthine streets for views of Wall St and the New York Stock Exchange, where we will learn about New York's relationship with the unnatural resource that keeps it all afloat–money!
  •  11am
    • With the sights and stories of commerce behind us, we will turn our attention to more elevated matters–the sacred sites of St. Paul's Chapel, Trinity Church and the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero.
    • Customers will have an opportunity to get and out and experience first hand the hallowed sanctums of downtown (a fuller visit later on at the 9/11 Museum is highly recommended for those who want to know more) 
  • 12pm
    • Lunchtime! With all the looking, listening, talking and walking, we'll have worked up quite an appetite. Luckily, we are just a few blocks away from neighborhoods famous for food–Chinatown, Little Italy and the Lower East Side! You are welcome to hop out and pick up something quick to eat on the van, or stop for a longer visit at a variety of select favorite eateries, and learn all about the history of these neighborhoods where those immigrants ended up. 
  • 1pm
    • As we prepare to wrap up, we will continue our northbound progress towards the historic and charming blocks of Greenwich Village. Customers can choose to either extend the tour according to their tastes and desires, or be dropped off back at their hotel to resume their New York City adventure on their own, with a wealth of newfound knowledge and appreciation of what makes New York the greatest city on Earth!

Please check out the Classic Tours or Custom Tours menus above for some descriptions of possible tours and itineraries besides this sample Downtown Tour. See, for example, the Uptown Manhattan tour. Or our specialty, Food, Glorious Food!, an easily customizable tour all about eating well in NYC!

Additionally, check out the About Us pages for info on who we are, how we travel and how much it costs.  To find out even more (or to book a tour right now!) please see our Trip Advisor page for some reviews, or contact us at

Tours are offered both day and night, in different lengths and different languages. Whether you’ve never visited the Big Apple before, or you’ve been here your whole life, we can’t wait to show you a New York City like you’ve never seen.

WHAT TO BRING: the Sterling van is equipped with drinks and good snacks. Just bring your curiosity and a sense of exploration! The best tours are an “exchange” – between the guide and the guided. They become a collaboration – no two tours alike, ever!

It's Our Town, but It's Your Tour!